Big Daddy Casino Owner – Mumbai: Controversial businessman and owner of Goa’s Big Daddy Casino Gopa Kanda has won the recent Haryana assembly elections. He became the country’s first casino owner MLA by winning from his constituency Sirsa.

According to the results announced by the Election Commission, Mr. Kanda participated in the election on behalf of his party. The name of this party is Haryana Lokhit Party and it defeated the independent candidate Gokul Setia by only 602 votes.

Big Daddy Casino Owner

Big Daddy Casino Owner

Kanda won the 2009 election as an independent against Ajay Chautala of the Indian Lok Dal (INLD). After that, he was also a minister in the Bhupinder Singh Hooda Congress government. However, he won the election of 2014. Now again he won the election from the same constituency.

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The track record of this Haryana party leader Lokhit is also highly controversial. Kanda’s company is the Golden Globe Hotel. which operates various hotels, malls across the country and the Big Daddy casino launched in Goa. In 2005, Kanda started an airline called MDLR. However, later this company went bankrupt. Many serious crimes were recorded against Kanda. There are cases of incitement to suicide, criminal threats, criminal conspiracy, income tax evasion and Evaluate the price.

According to the statement given to the Election Commission, Kanda’s wealth is 95.5 crore. Kanda was popularly chosen as the party’s choice, the only MLA since the BJP did not get a majority. In Haryana, the government can now be formed with the help of independents.

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Big Daddy Casino Owner

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Big Daddy Casino Goa

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The magazine is India’s most prominent luxury lifestyle magazine. With the best articles, fun reading, quick overview with beautiful pictures. Beautiful, the magazine is the joy of all readers together. Monthly retreat from all things luxury, it is a stop for lovers of travel, style, beauty, culture, cars and literature. Challenge: The Babus challenged the casino magnate owned by Haryana’s accused sex offender Gopal Kanda by removing encroachments on the pavement near the Adil Shah Palace.

Babush Monserrate proved that he is willing to keep his promise. In line with his promise to remove the casino from Mandovi River, he along with Panjim Mayor Uday Madkaikar, has the courage to remove the encroachment of big daddy on the road. The BJP’s entanglement with the casino owners is further exacerbated by the fact that cases have been filed against Babush and Madkaikar.

Full marks to Pratima Coutinho, President of the Mahila Council, who joined the battle with Big Daddy. In case you missed our last issue, Big Daddy belongs to Gopal Kumar Kanda, who is accused of multiple rapes and other crimes and the punishable suicide of one of his employees, Geetika Sharma.

Big Daddy Chain Of Casinos, Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited Posted On Linkedin

Big Daddy is the latest offshore casino to pollute the Mandovi River. It also seems extremely brazen. Unlike other casino groups such as Deltin, owned by Jaidev Modi, and the Pride group, run by Shrinivas Naik, Big Daddy was allowed to anchor in the Mandovi River even though Parrikar had repeated assurances that no more casinos would be anchored in the Mandovi River during his tenure. Election campaign. For some time Gopal Kanda used the Maharaja’s Shubhash Chandra’s Zee Tv team — which was not licensed perhaps because he did not bribe the government. Big Daddy is the new avatar of Maharaja and as Maharaja he thinks he wants not only Mandovi river but also all roads in Panjim city. Big Daddy’s reception area took the road near the Adil Shah Palace which used to be the secretary’s house.

Kanda’s foray into casino here dates back to 2009 when it bought the Leela group’s Casino Rio for a reported Rs 30 crore. Leela applied for and received an offshore gambling license in 2006, but protests from local fishermen forced them to move from the Sal River to the Mandovi River, causing them to abandon the idea. Kanda also failed to make it through.

Our belief that Babush is the only MLA who has the guts to take on a big daddy like Casino has been proven. Babush, along with Uday Madkaikar, the mayor of Panjim, began breaking up the attack on foot. They were confronted by two alleged non-Goans who, taking advantage of the fact that Babush was facing harassment, filed a complaint that he and the mayor had tried to harass them. They were clearly either employees or agents of the casino Big Daddy. A video tape circulating shows a verbal altercation but no physical contact between the Panjim MLA and the woman defending the big man.

Big Daddy Casino Owner

Not surprisingly, the Goa Police, under the guidance of Satish Dhond, the chief henchman of Minister Pramod Sawant, filed charges against the Panjim MLA and Mayor for having the audacity to challenge the casino. When Prime Minister Pramod was asked about abuse and exploitation of women, he had no answer. And he would not give any assurance that the casino would be moved from Mandovi in ​​the near future.

Big Daddy Casino Starts Operations In Goa

The first casino license in Goa was issued two decades ago to Sundra Advani of Ramada Hotel and was called Caravela. He was reported to be close to the then Union Home Minister LK Advani. For almost a decade until the BJP came to power no casino licenses were issued and Caravela enjoyed a monopoly. Then Jaidev Modi through his BJP contacts got permission to set up not just one but three offshore casinos – Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk and Deltin Caravela, as well as the Deltin Suites Casino Hotel in Nerul.

A third player has entered the market, the Ashok Khetrapal-fronted complex called Casino Pride, which is allowed to anchor within ten meters of the Panjim display of the Mandovi River. Entrance to Casino Pride is through the Captain of Ports office property. In addition, they also have a land casino at the Majestic Hotel in Porvorim, which they have received more than.

In 2014, the BJP also scrapped a law it had enacted to ban the transfer of casino licenses when it allowed the Pride group to take over V M Salgaocar & Bro Pvt Ltd’s Carnival Casino, which was renamed ‘Casino Pride 2’. The government collects a fee

Casino Pride also built an eight-story hotel in violation of regulations in a narrow strip in the Bay View area of ​​Dona Paula. This is to save the costs incurred by all casinos in providing accommodation to “high hunters” – who

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