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Ten baby pandas made their public debut at China’s main panda reserve on Wednesday morning to mark the upcoming Lunar New Year.

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One appeared shy and covered his face with both his legs when he saw the crowd, while the other became a rogue and pulled away from his guard before being caught.

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According to the China Conservation and Research Center in southwest China’s Sichuan province, the pandas are between 4 and 6 months old and were all bred through natural mating.

Black-and-white fluffy balls are decorated with Lunar New Year decorations in the center’s playground, including lanterns, traditional Chinese knots, paper cars and flags.

“Newborn baby pandas of the class of 2020… I wish you a happy new year and much success in the year of the cow,” the keepers called to the pandas with their hands, as some tried to walk away.

Bamboo baskets were prepared for the pandas, with the Chinese character “fu” written on the outside, which means good luck and blessing.

Chinese China Wall Hanging Scroll Dragon Calendar With Pictures Of Panda

This mimics the Chinese tradition of adults giving red envelopes with money inside to wish and bless children during the Lunar New Year.

The baby pandas got snacks instead of money. Some of them were interested in the baskets, while others were distracted by the nearby toys and decorations.

China has been proud of its efforts to save an endangered species for years. Pandas are also a symbol of China and part of its cultural diplomacy.

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Please refresh the page or go to another page on the site to log in automatically. Please refresh your browser to login. Wristwatch reviews five ways to spot a Rolex Daytona that’s better (and worse) than you expected

We have covered the rarity of some watches including the Rolex Daytona in detail here. Today we will talk about the smallest nuances of one of the main suspects behind this madness, the watch itself. A rare opportunity allowed me to spend some time with the much needed, widely recognized but rarely experienced Rolex Daytona 116500LN nicknamed “Panda”. Here are five ways the Rolex Daytona is better (and worse) than you’d expect.

The Rolex Daytona is more comfortable than other steel bracelet chronograph watches. It’s not perfect yet – stay tuned to see how it fares in the “bad” segments below – but it doesn’t take nearly as much perfection as other steel chronographs. how is that? First of all, starting with the group is not set too high by most steel chronographs; They can be heavy, bulky and uncomfortable, often offered on generic straps or bracelets that are not meant to run the bulk of watches. The Rolex Daytona is one of the slimmest chronograph watches in production today. At just 12mm thick, it’s thinner than most dive watches, let alone chronographs (the Rolex Submariner is 13mm thick). This helps with comfort in a number of ways: the low profile helps reduce vibration, keeps the watch in constant grip on sleeves and obstacles, and as a bonus, it adds a more refined aesthetic. Second, the 116500LN features a three-link Oyster bracelet with the right width, weight and integration to hold the watch comfortably. Third, neither the strap nor the clasp have sharp edges anywhere, not even at the ends.

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After a little thought, one can see that dial variations can make or break the legibility of any watch. The stainless steel Panda dial version of the Rolex Daytona 1165000LN features a white background surrounding black text and a black subdial, which is the perfect backdrop not only for the Rolex-vaunted litany, but also for the reflective 18k white gold hands. Every Rolex watch made today, even the steel models, has 18k gold hands and hour markers. On the black dial version (its exact reference is 116500LN-0002), the glossy hands and black-and-white filling seem perfectly camouflaged against the glossy black dial with its white text and furniture. The black dial version looks ace in real life, perfectly matching the level of confidence that such a very desirable watch should convey, but its legibility is quite poor. In contrast, the Panda’s dial does not take much notice of the perfectly sized hands and pointed hour markers, and in fact the reflective gold hands help the design, making them easy to find and read in almost any lighting condition.

Rolex gets a lot of (hard-earned) credit for the reliability and virtual indestructibility of its movements, and the fact that almost all watches produced today are equipped with movements that are produced, assembled and tested in-house. Rolex Caliber 4130 is characterized by such nuanced engineering details that a proper discussion is beyond the scope of this article. In short, 22 years after its debut, the Rolex 4130 still surpasses other movements in its field because it is less complicated than most: the 4130 consists of only 201 separate parts. It’s very rare for Rolex to boast the number of parts in their movements (good luck finding that figure for the brand’s other movements). It is a movement that is incredibly precise, durable, thin and refined in performance. And to achieve all these things in an automatic chronograph remains one of the biggest challenges of modern watches. If you want to know more or are not convinced, visit this fantastic look inside the Rolex 4130 movement by SJX.

Sometimes there is something more annoying than hype – and it’s worth it. Many great chronograph watches have come and gone since the luxury watch revival of the 1980s (the Grand Seiko SBGC001 gave the Daytona a run for its money), but the emphasis in this example should be on the word “go.” Sure, famous model names and basic aesthetic codes may have stuck to many of these venerable collections, but the watches around them often vary wildly in size, proportions, status and positioning. But from time to time, a company begins to work on people’s heads for a long time.

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Respecting tradition, its products last not for years, but for decades, almost unchanged and not damaged, and this gives the company said an advantage that cannot be imitated quickly. The Rolex Daytona has largely changed since 1988 – that’s 34 years and counting. During this time, his design became embedded in the collective consciousness of the public in various ways associated with high-profile events such as major achievements (whether in motor racing or in one’s personal life), Formula 1.

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, and everything else… But that’s not what made Daytona special Tuesday morning. With the passage of time under the care of Rolex, every small and large detail gradually joins a singular whole, giving it status, timelessness and a sense of “the real thing”. What 34 years of repetition can do. This watch is true whether one likes it or not.

Yes, with some caveats, we will see below. Still, it’s true: even those who don’t know the watch I gave this watch can say it’s made differently. It is not only about one element – 904L steel, fit very tight and consistent in the bracelet links, which feels like it has been through many more cycles of compression and heat (the only comparable ones are some of the Breitling, which went to even more sugar, causing a heavier, denser feeling to occur). Instead, this Daytona feels more substantial and powerful than most other luxury chronographs. Given the high level of consistency between its many brilliantly polished surfaces and its deep luster, the Rolex Daytona dances bright and shiny without becoming – for some, of course – a ‘polished potato’ like many Panerais. and they are Breitlings.

In the second part of my weekly column, Grinding Cogs, I explain in detail all the possible problems with steel as a material for sports watches, and especially expensive sports watches. All this applies to the Rolex Daytona as well, so instead of repeating what was said there, I will add that Rolex owes itself to the Daytona an alternative titanium or carbon fiber. Rolex is luxurious and loud

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