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Perfect Cricket Betting Tips

Perfect Cricket Betting Tips

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Perfect Cricket Betting Tips

So if you are looking for a top notch gambling experience with many options and fast payouts, 7Cric is the perfect choice. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with football being the first. Oddly enough, the game did not enjoy much popularity in the United States. Although, it is a big deal in India and Australia, the country has its own prestigious cricket league which is watched by fans from all over the world.

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With more than 2.5 billion fans worldwide, it is almost considered that cricket betting is also big. If you are new, here is a complete guide that can show you the ropes in cricket betting.

Currently, there are three formats of cricket that are professionally accepted and played in leagues around the world. The International Cricket Council is the governing body that decides the rules and regulations for each format of the game. It also provides match officials for each match.

There is an accepted format in professional cricket. Each format follows the same basic principles but differs only in the length it is played.

Test cricket is the oldest form of cricket. It is believed to have been played since 1877. Some people alternatively call this format “traditional cricket”.

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Test matches are the longest played and also considered the highest standard of the three formats of the game. In this format, two teams of 11 players each will play a four-round match. It can last five days, or longer.

, played at a faster pace than Test matches. They began professional contact in 1971, but only gained popularity in the 1980s.

In the ODI format, both teams face each other with a fixed number of overs per team (currently, 50 is the number set by the ICC). It is played with one round per side and the game can last up to eight hours.

Perfect Cricket Betting Tips

Twenty20, or simply called T20 cricket, is a new format of cricket played in various professional leagues. Of the three currently accepted formats, T20 is the shortest in terms of length of play.

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This format is becoming the most popular in India. It also has a large following in South Africa and Australia. What makes this format different is that it has become a franchise form of the game, with some of the biggest professional cricket leagues in the world playing in this format.

In-play betting means betting on cricket means you place a bet while the game is being played. This alternative is called live betting, you bet your money while the game is live, unlike before.

As in-play betting is gaining popularity, more and more online bookies begin to offer it on their sites or apps. If it’s something you think might interest you, check with your bookie if it’s something they offer – and chances are, they probably do.

As with all sports betting that you can bet on, cricket betting also uses different types of odds. No matter the format of the odds, they usually only mean one thing – they indicate the probability of an outcome against other possibilities. In addition, the odds also give you an idea of ​​how much profit you can make if you win the bet.

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Here are the three different types of odds used in cricket betting, and how you can read each of them.

Decimal Odds, as the name suggests, is written in decimal format. To read this type of odds, multiply the money by the odds and this will be the amount you can win if you bet your money on the winning bet.

This type of odds is written as a fraction. Commonly used in sports played in England. The number will usually mean the amount you can win (points) for each bet amount (part).

Perfect Cricket Betting Tips

So, sample odds of 10/5 means you can earn $10 for every $5 you win bet.

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American odds, also known as moneyline odds, odds are offered in two categories: favorites and underdogs. Favorites are labeled with a negative sign (-), while underdogs come with a positive sign (+).

Regardless of the sign, moneyline odds tell you how much you can win $ 100 money. So, if you bet on the favorite with an average of -200, that means you can win $200 for every $100.

There are several betting markets in cricket, and each can offer you a different way to bet. Each market also has the potential to offer large profit margins.

League betting is betting on the results of the entire league, unlike normal match betting. The benefits are usually great, although the risks are equally great.

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A tournament outright winner refers to betting on who will win the tournament. Usually, there are top favorites among the odds as well as fans’ personal favorites.

Bowler position is something you can also bet on. With statistics of popular bowlers available online, you can predict who can be awarded the best at the end of the tournament.

Series betting refers to betting on the results of a series of matches, as opposed to betting on just one match. A series can last up to five matches.

Perfect Cricket Betting Tips

The team that wins the series is the team that wins the most games. Normally, it would be three out of five games.

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A series score bet is where you bet on the overall score after the series is over. Bookies usually give options for this bet so you can only make one choice.

Match betting is the most common type of betting in cricket. This is a straightforward bet, you just guess which team will win – or if you think it will be a draw.

In match betting, you simply bet on who you think will win the match – regardless of the score or point spread.

Since a cricket match can be so long that one day is not enough, betting is done on whether it can be completed on the same day or not.

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