Sportsbet: The One-stop Shop For Sports Betting – Professor Maya Dodd has joined the Global Advisory Board of the University of Rochester’s Humanities in the World Program.

The program includes scholars from leading humanitarian research centers around the world. The Board will form a grant-making body and will also contribute to the inaugural edition of the Humanities in the World series.

Sportsbet: The One-stop Shop For Sports Betting

Sportsbet: The One-stop Shop For Sports Betting

Meet Piyush Savkare and Ashay Kamdar who received the highest combined salary of INR 20.5 LPA in the placement period of 2022-23.

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Our third year student has received an offer for a master’s course in Fundamentals of Mathematics and Computer Science

Smriti Alumni has specialized in offers and scholarships from famous universities: Yale University, Oxford University and Duke University. Impressive success!

Students of the university participated as road safety ambassadors in the ‘Zara Dhe Ke Chalo’ campaign organized in association with Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror and Pune City Traffic Police.

Scholars Program student Mahika Gandhi has been accepted into Master of Arts and Master of Science programs at Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and Georgetown University. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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We are proud to announce that table tennis team students Juhi Kotak, Ananya Mahadevan, Gayatri Chibba secured first, second and third positions in the table tennis tournament at Technica in women’s and men’s singles category.

We are proud to announce that Akshara Bhobe, a student of our Scholars Program, has won the Women’s 63kg Powerlifting Championship in Pune District. We congratulate him for his presentation and fame in the university.

We are happy that our UG student Misha Sharma has won the Women’s Category Chess Championship at DY Patil College of Engineering. We congratulate the entire team and the coach for the glory to the university.

Sportsbet: The One-stop Shop For Sports Betting

Our UG students Arya Shah and Khushi Desai won first position in UPAI Mixed National for Ultimate Frisbee in Surat. Congratulations to the Ambush UC team on their win!

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Excited to announce Jhanvi Chordia, a graduate student, has been selected for the Indian National Figure Skating Team

Two of our students, Dhrupad Varambali and Dhruva JT, won 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in the Ahmednagar District Kickboxing Association State Tournament.

Congratulations to Professor Avni Sabade for joining the Maharashtra Rugby Association and winning the inaugural National Rugby Championship 15s – Division 1

Ved Sardesai for winning the Symbiosis Law School Table Tennis Tournament.

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Our girls’ volleyball team once again made us proud. The team finished second in the Vishwanath Sports Meet organized by MIT University of Art, Design and Technology.

Professor Divya Balan from the Faculty of International Studies of the University was invited as a panelist for a discussion on the topic “Gender Gender in International Labor Migration”.

Professor Pankaj Jain, Faculty of Philosophy and Religion, on the occasion of his recently published book “Indian and Western Philosophical Concepts in Religion”, edited by Jeffrey D. Co-authored by Long

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Congratulations to Alumni – Leo Burnett Creative Director Himanish Ashar and his team for winning the Grand Prix, Gold and Bronze for P&G’s Lost Sector under the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The university received the membership of the Association of Colleges of Business (AACSB) at the 12th Indian Management Conclave (IMC) 2022.

We sincerely congratulate students – Diksha Vinod, Deumani Pandit, Rahtam Joshua and Varna Kamat, who were selected for the state championship of volleyball players under 21 years of age.

The Marketing Department of the Business School recently hosted Shri Sushovan Sarkar, National Key Account Manager, HELL Energy, India for a guest session on Brand Strategy.

Three students in the 18-25 age group made it to the top ten in the 12th State Swimming Championships and Beach Games 2022 held at Chiwala Beach, Malvan.

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Our educational philosophy is rooted in the concept of liberal education. We believe that the real world does not operate in isolation, and neither should knowledge. By connecting the social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, business, design, natural sciences, visual and performing arts, communication management and computer science, we equip our students for an ever-changing new world. At , our students interact with different disciplines and are encouraged to approach global challenges through different perspectives. Our goal is to help them grow as critical thinkers and life-long learners, not limited careers. That’s why we create an environment that provides a personalized, engaging and transformative experience to help them on their personal and professional journey.

We question what we know and believe about higher education. From reinventing liberal education in India to helping you create your own unique career path; Not because of where you are, but because of who you are and where you want to be.

Our multidisciplinary curriculum encourages you to discover what motivates you and makes you unique. You can discover new ways to develop and explore more than 350 career combinations to make a place for yourself in the real world.

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We focus not only on finding answers to global problems, but also on creating new knowledge. With seven fully functional research centers, you can explore a variety of faculty and student research opportunities.

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With an 11:1 student:faculty ratio, our faculty will provide you with one-on-one mentorship where you can learn from their real-world experience, professional work knowledge, and other life experiences. We believe these relationships will set you up for future success.

The beautifully designed and high-tech campus has carefully created spaces for entertainment, collaboration and sports. Different style spaces give students and teachers the flexibility to create learning environments on the go.

Ms Chattopadhyay vs Norway: The film sparks a wider conversation about bridging the gap in child care. Professor Sriparna Chatterjee Faculty of Sociology Learn more about Professor Sriparna Chatterjee and her thoughts on this issue and more.

How to Increase, Measure and Improve HR Performance Professor Smita Choudhury Learn more about Professor Smita Choudhury, the Faculty of Human Resources, her views on the subject and more.

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The Growing Importance of User-Generated Content in Effective Destination Marketing Prof. Neha Yadav Learn more about Prof. Neha Yadav, her marketing faculty, her views on the subject, and more.

Where are the European leaders? Professor Ramanath Narayanaswamy Faculty of Social Sciences Learn more about Professor Ramanath Narayanaswamy and his views on this topic and more.

WOW- THE WONDER OF HEALTH – THE SILENT POT Professor Sunithi Vadalkar Learn more about Professor Sunithi Vadalkar, the Faculty of Design, Art and Performance, her views on the subject and more.

Sportsbet: The One-stop Shop For Sports Betting

Green Ports Key to Green Hydrogen Mission Professor Jaswant Parida Faculty of Economics Learn more about Professor Jaswant Parida and his thoughts on this and more.

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15 Ways to Manage Your Mental Health During a Recession Professor Maulika Mondal Learn more about Professor Maulika Mondal, the Department of Psychiatry, her views on the topic, and more.

Childhood Immunization Inequalities Across India: Understanding Root Causes and Possible Solutions Professor Sunil Rajpal Faculty of Economics Learn more about Professor Sunil Rajpal and his views on this topic and more.

After building a strong knowledge base in Madhurima Khadilkar is now working her magic in storytelling for giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

A large number of academic and extracurricular activities. Explore and learn for you and the world. Study groups and friendship circles. Breaking boundaries and creating memories. Open your mind and change the world. Helps you stay on track, on campus, and in the real world.

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Learn more about your experiences, whether you’re a student leader in student council, helping out in student houses, mentoring peers and teachers, participating in student clubs, exchange programs or festivals.

Thinking, listening, speaking and teaching go beyond their limits. We help you navigate a world influenced by different languages ​​and cultures, from life to learning experiences. Consider studying internationally and take advantage of the world at your fingertips.

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