Lotus 247 – Owners of illegal betting sites Mahadevbook.com and Lotus247 were arrested from Hyderabad. People forget that offline betting is still illegal in India.

Online gaming has become a widespread phenomenon these days. The increased interest of Indians in sports betting has resulted in the creation of legal and illegal betting sites in the country. While many legal bookies operate online, a number of illegal bookies have also entered the market. According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, sports betting or any other form of gambling is illegal in India. Recently, the owners of an illegal betting site www.mahadevbook.com were arrested for organizing illegal betting at their residence. They also handled several other illegal websites.

Lotus 247

Lotus 247

The owners of MahadevBook used to provide IDs and passwords to players through their various fake and illegal websites. They have listed a neat minimum condition and a match minimum condition for each user ID and password. In fact, mahadevbook.com reached out to punters through their Facebook, Instagram pages and their punter-friendly Telegram group. Four of the accused were arrested and three others escaped. The task force has succeeded in seizing Rs 8,65,000 worth of betting money, mobile phones, laptops, debit cards of several banks, records of betting accounts of punters etc.

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Mahadevbook.com offers bets on various online and offline sports including tein patti, cricket, online casino games, hockey, football, tennis, boxing and more. This illegal betting gang had more than 500 punters who were betting on various sports.

These illegal betting sites were organized by Tahuddin, Azam Khan, Khaja Asim Ahmed and Mohammad Shazeb. The owners of Mahadev Book ran an online gambling racket from a house in Hyderabad. Their other illegal betting sites are –

Mahadevbuk’s gang members used to provide user IDs and passwords to those who wanted to play online. The IDs were only available for 24 hours, and the mahadevbook.com gang made huge amounts of illegal money from commissions. The North Zone Task Force conducted raids at their residence in Langar House, Hyderabad and managed to arrest four members of the gang. The task force also recovered cash worth around Rs 8.65 lakh from his house.

They also manage and manage several Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts to reach out to the players. After going to jail, the owners of Mahadevbook or King Exchange admitted their illegal involvement in online betting. Their transactions on these illegal betting sites were controlled through multiple bank accounts. All their clients who wanted to play had to pay for 24/7 online ID services. If the player wins, the winning amount will be sent to his account through online mode. In this way they used their illegal online betting sites to earn illegal money.

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Although gambling has always been a part of Indian festivals, players should know the rules before playing on any online site. For many people, betting and gaming laws in India can be quite confusing. When it comes to sports betting (except betting on horse races), it is clearly illegal in India. For a better understanding of gaming/betting laws in India, read the points below.

Mahadevbook.com was an illegal betting site under Indian gaming laws. This gang has cheated a number of players, but no complaint has been filed against the owners of MahadevBook.com. This is because you cannot file a complaint against an unlicensed gambling site in India. Task force officials got a tip about his illegal betting and raided his residence. But if you play in a legal and licensed casino, you can easily file a complaint against the operator.

To ensure that your gaming experience is not ruined by an illegal betting site, we have covered some simple steps that you need to keep in mind before playing.

Lotus 247

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