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manufacturing fabrication, jigs and fixtures, machine components, press tools and dies
Sagayraj, CEO, EMan Precision Engineering

Precision, Innovation & Quality

EMan Precision Engineering is recognized as a company which wins clients through precision, innovation and a timely service maintaining quality, integrity and confidentiality.

We have a stringent quality process in place, evaluating jobs regularly at every stage of production to negate errors. Producing an efficient process and delivering quality products at an economical cost.

This is our guarantee. Go ahead give us a try.
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Design Dyes, Tools, Bangalore, India


Providing businesses with customized solutions based on design of die casting tools, investment die casting, extrusion dies and much more



Be it engineering fabrication, machine components, spider fitting for glass or compression molds for rubber components, we are your trusted partner.

EMan Precision Engineering Interior Design


Designing and manufacturing mounting system, aluminum composite panels and other interior products

EMan Precision Engineering Exterior Product Design


Designing and manufacturing customized collapsible shade and booth for canopies, kiosks and other exterior products

Call: +91 98445 67707
Office and Factory Address: #15/1 Nagappa Road, Subbanapalaya, Arali Maratha Road, Bangalore- 560 033
  • Cutting Die

    customized design
    EMNPE.com cutting die
  • Gear

    for customized machine
    EMNPE.com gear for customized machine
  • Mounting Flanges

    allows a shutter or lens
    to be installed onto a
    EMNPE.com mounting flanges
  • Wire Guide

    Machined component
    EMNPE.com Wire Guide Machined Component
  • Speaker Horn cast

    iron casting part of a Dolby
    speaker system
    EMNPE.com Speaker Horn cast
  • Gears

    Machined component
    EMNPE.com Gears
  • Barrel Blade

    Machined component
    EMNPE.com Barrel Blade
  • Fabricated

    Phase Channel
    for electrical system
    EMNPE.com Fabricated Phase Channel
  • Variety

    Machined Component
    EMNPE.com Variety Machined Component
  • Bending Die

    Customized component
    EMNPE.com Bending Die
  • Mounting Bracket

    for electrical component
    EMNPE.com Mounting Bracket
  • Spider Fitting

    Glass connectors
    EMNPE.com Spider Fitting

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Call: +91 98445 67707

Our Clients

Our Clients

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