Betway Welcome Promo – Betway is a well-known brand in Europe that has just crossed the pond, so to speak, to become one of the newest sportsbooks in the United States. The company started its online sports betting journey in the United States in Colorado, a natural starting point, while expanding its operations to other states.

Betway is an international company based in Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the number one sports book in many European countries, including Italy, Spain and England. The Betway brand is known to bettors all over the world. Brand recognition is probably why Digital Gaming Corporation (DGC) was interested.

Betway Welcome Promo

Betway Welcome Promo

A successful American company that designs online gambling games, DGC has entered into a branding agreement with Betway to bring its products to the United States. In the case of Betway, the company behind the brand here in America is DGC.

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Read on to learn about the sportsbook, its promotions, how the browser and app work, the betting markets on offer, banking options and more. Let’s get started.

Sports betting at Betway can earn you a welcome bonus of up to $250 in bonus bets. Here are the details on how to qualify for the bonus bet:

The first thing you need to do is select the promotion To qualify for the bonus bet, you must select it before making your first deposit. This happens after you register an account but before you make your first deposit. If you do not choose, you will not be able to claim your bonus bet.

Then make a deposit of $10 or more. The bonus bet is based on your first bet, so if you want to qualify for the full $250, you’ll need at least $250 to bet.

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Find a bet you want to place and place it! You must place a bet of -330 or better to qualify. This is good news for your bonus bet because you have a better chance of actually winning the bet.

This bet cannot be placed to increase the payout and the bet must be settled within 7 days of account opening. So when you open an account, join and make a deposit, you must place your first bet within 7 days of that day to qualify for the bonus bet.

This is where the result of your bet is displayed. Did you win your bet? Awesome! You can keep your money, withdraw or bet again. A winning bet is always perfect.

Betway Welcome Promo

Your first bet… won? Sorry to hear that, but you’re in luck! Your deposited amount (up to $250) will be refunded to your wagering bonus account within 24 hours.

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Remember to use the bonus within 7 days of using the bonus If you win the bonus bet, unfortunately you can only withdraw your winnings, not the amount of the bonus bet.

So if you bet $250 on Lewis Hamilton to win the next Grand Prix +100 using your bonus bet and he wins, you can withdraw your winnings of $250 but not

(win + bet bonus). Still, you’re back where you started, which is a good place.

Betway currently accepts legal sports betting in several countries, but their ambitions are much bigger. Expansion plans are already underway, and we’re excited to see where they land. You can now bet on the following places:

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Betway was launched in the state of Arizona on March 9, 2022 through a partnership with the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe.

Arizona is an interesting addition for Betway because of its large population, location (close to California, Utah, New Mexico and Texas still lack online sports betting) and free betting laws. Arizona was the sixth state in the United States for Betway Sportsbook.

As we mentioned, Betway started its journey to the power of American sportsbooks in Colorado. The company went live in the state on April 5, 2021.

Betway Welcome Promo

Betway is the online skin of Bonanza Casino based in Central City, which holds the Master’s license required to operate online in the state. Colorado sports betting law allows for many different sports betting markets, making it one of the most exciting to bet on.

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Betway is going live from Indiana in May 2021, in partnership with Belterra Casino Resort as one of the three online casinos. Indiana has become a strong sports betting market with more than a dozen sports books operating in the state. Betway should be able to earn some loyal customers with their innovative games and innovative promotions.

Iowa was one of the first states to offer live sports betting and it was very successful in the state.

Each of the 19 existing casinos in the region is eligible for online skins, so online-only operators like Betway can partner with a casino to come to the region. Betway and Diamond Jo Casino have partnered, bringing the operator to Iowa in October 2021.

Betway went live in New Jersey on August 18, 2021, becoming one of the newest in the state’s sports betting market. It will be a challenge to do it every way, but if any bookmaker can do it, it’s Betway.

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All the major operators are in the region, and with monthly revenues recently exceeding $1 billion, there are more than enough customers to go around.

Betway has joined Live! Casino Hotel Philadelphia to go online in Keystone State June 2021 Live! It is a large casino/entertainment complex located near the Philadelphia sports fields. So it makes sense for Betway to partner with a casino focused on the same games.

Pennsylvania is a mature market with more than a dozen operators, but it is also one of the most populated states in the country, so Betway has a lot of room to grow.

Betway Welcome Promo

Betway is now based in Canada and has been accepting Canadian bets for several years. The sportsbook operates in a legal gray area because prior to the passage of federal legislation legalizing one-game betting, one-game betting was not clearly legal, but it was not clearly illegal.

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This ambiguity has resulted in offshore sportsbooks such as Betway not being prohibited from accepting Canadian sports bettors.

In the summer of 2021, the federal parliament passed a bill (C-218) that clarified the country’s murky sports betting laws. C-218 specifically states that each state has the power to legalize and regulate sports betting as it sees fit.

Most provinces have made clear their desire to fully legalize betting on one sport as soon as possible, meaning 2022 will be a huge year for legal sports betting in Canada.

Proline+, which is run by the province, currently accepts single-game bets in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, and the market will open to competition in April 2022.

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Betway will be one of the bookmakers to be licensed by the state, replacing a form of legal presence in the country with a regulatory presence similar to the five US states in which it operates.

Betway is sweetening the pot for Canadian betting by offering tasty promotions to new customers. Betway will match the first deposit of new customers, up to $200. So if you sign up for a Betway account in Canada and deposit $200, you will instantly have $400 in your account ($200 bonus + $200 credit).

A great deal! Or is it? As always, it is important to read the Terms and Conditions of sports betting promotions.

Betway Welcome Promo

This special promotion has a huge 10x wagering requirement, meaning you have to wager 10x the bonus before cashing out and any winnings can be withdrawn. According to the Terms and Conditions, in order to clear the entire $200 deposit, you will need to deposit $2000 within seven (7) days. This is a very short period of time, which is unusual compared to betting on major sports.

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However, bonus money is bonus money, so if you plan to bet a lot on an upcoming event like March Madness or NHL games, it’s worth increasing your first Betway deposit.

The Betway sportsbook offers many exciting features that meet the needs of sports betting and even go beyond the basics and offer several advanced features to enhance the betting experience.

Withdrawal promotions are offered by some sportsbooks and are a popular option for those who want to ‘cash out’ rather than let their bets count. Here’s how it works: Say you took the Jets as a big underdog on the NFL Money Line against the Chiefs. Amazingly, the Jets play well and slow down Mahomes while moving the ball on offense. The Jets went up by 10 in the 4th quarter.

In the Betway app, just below your bet, you will see the ‘withdrawal’ option, updated in real time, which gives you the exact amount you can settle on your bet.

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This way you can get your achievements before the end of the game. So if you take the Jets +350 and they lead the 4th quarter, you get +150, which is not the full amount you would have gotten if they had won, but more than $0.00 if you had. The Chiefs came back to win.

The exit option is for risk management and is a good option for the option player