Deltin Royale Casino – A nod to Asia’s largest offshore gaming destination, Deltin Royale Deltin Royale is a five-story, 50,000 square feet casino offering live gaming, entertainment and curated cuisine for packages starting at Rs 3,500.

Casinos are synonymous with Las Vegas. The iconic Las Vegas Strip, a nearly 7 km long road lined with hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and the engine of the resort’s economy. While Las Vegas remains a dream for many Indians, we have ours closer to home

Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale Casino

Goa’s beautiful Mandovi River, which runs parallel to the state capital Panjim, comes alive every evening with floating casinos lighting up the river. Tourists and locals flock to these casinos, weekdays and weekends, not only for a night of gambling and gambling, but also to experience what lies behind the illuminated decks of the ships.

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He wondered what was inside the huge docked ship. That’s why we recently ventured to Deltin Royale, claimed to be Asia’s largest offshore casino, and tested our newcomer’s luck!

Conceived by Jayedv Mody in 2012, Deltin Group opened Deltin Royale to guests in 2013. Although there are six casinos on the Mandovi River (three of which are owned and operated by Deltin Group), Deltin Royale

At first glance, it looks huge, luxurious and mysterious. This is because the Deltin Royale, which is moored further from the coast, is apparently more “private” than the other casinos, and there is no way for someone standing on the banks of the Panjim River to guess what is hiding behind the bright lights. and empty decks. ship

After arriving at one of the two embarkation points: Panjim Pier or Reis Magos Pier, you must choose a package from the five to six options available. Packages range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per person and include gaming offers, unlimited food and drinks and access to live entertainment. On weekends, prices go up by Rs.500. Deltin Royale operates 24 hours a day and also offers separate daily packages for guests who want to get down to serious gaming business.

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After purchase, the Deltin Royale team will take their guests on a feeder boat to the ship. This five minute journey from the jetty to the boat offers a beautiful view of the city of Panjim and for once I almost forgot about the chaotic and bustling crowd of the city. But you have to prepare so that this peace doesn’t last too long.

When I disembark and board the Deltin Royale, I enter a completely different world!

The floating casino spans 50,000 square feet and five decks and offers nearly 1,000 gaming positions. With an average attendance of 400-500 people every day, the pulse at Deltin Royale is like that of any other casino.

Deltin Royale Casino

Overwhelmed at first sight, I hear people shout “hooray!” from one end and you see sad faces at the other end. The interior of the casino is chaotic to say the least.

Deltin Royale: Casino Lessons From India’s Largest Offshore Gaming And Entertainment Centre

Three of the five packs contain play areas. Deltin Royale offers games for both serious players and first timers. The casino offers, for example, the Indian flush or

, roulette, Texas hold’em poker, baccarat, blackjack, casino war, 7 up 7 down, 3 card poker, 5 card poker, mini flush,

, money wheel, texas house poker and dragon tiger, among others. For newcomers, Deltin Royale has assigned staff to help them understand the nuances and rules of the games.

For serious players, Deltin Royale offers dedicated gaming rooms. These rooms usually have regular customers who want to play games like this

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Deltin Royale also has two restaurants: Whiskeys and Vegas. Sitting opposite each other on the same deck, there is such a huge difference between Whiskeys and Vegas that it almost feels like two different worlds. The first is a VIP restaurant bar offering premium and foreign liquors, serving multi-cuisine cuisine, and entertainment includes live fusion music performances with saxophone and classical piano artists.

At the other end of the deck, Vegas is open to any visitor who comes aboard. The open bar serves alcohol depending on the guest or band package, the food is buffet style and the entertainment here is energetic. A local rock group performed in Las Vegas during my visit.

The upper deck, known as the Sky Deck, is an open-air bar that offers a rather elegant atmosphere and features live Cuban salsa performances. The Sky Deck is popular with guests who visit to enjoy the “cruise” side of Deltin Royale and prefer to enjoy food and wine with views of the city.

Deltin Royale Casino

Customers who want a complete Deltin Group experience can choose to stay at the five-star Deltin Suites hotel in Candolim. While Deltin Royale offers live gaming, entertainment and curated cuisine, Deltin Suites also offers a casino that includes electronic gaming and hospitality under one roof. Deltin Royale, an offshore casino that is parked half a mile from the Reis Magos pier. Poker champions meet newbies on this boat.

Jaydev Mody: Gambler Turned Gaming Entrepreneur & Promoter Of Delta Corp Bets On Casinos

Often, as I cut through the blue sky at 38,000 feet, I look for angels. These beautiful fat cherubs are my favorite eyes in the air.

Out of the blue, Bond, James Bond, came with advice. In Casino Royale, he argued that the more effort and ingenuity you put into the game, the more you will choose. Bond wasn’t the only guru on that cool spring morning. I chose poker tricks from the world champion Dan Harrington: during the game, the face becomes a mask and the voice becomes monotone.

This is a robotic approach. In the manic method, impress with lots of tics, twitches and expressions and mix them with a river of crazy babble. Confuse the opponent.

Wait, why was I reviewing casino lessons? I’m not a great gamer. Even harmless slot machines look like the devil. However, I did not destroy the lessons.

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They can come in handy at Deltin Royale, India’s largest offshore entertainment and gaming hub. I have seen photographs of a huge 4,280 ton, 85.30 meter long, five decker ship moored in the Mandovi River in Goa. With 123 tables and 850 game positions, 30 roulette tables and the largest poker room in the country, I was tempted to play a few hands. Remember, the manic method in poker. Follow Jagger’s winning casino roulette formula developed by Joseph Jagger 140 years ago (he won $4,800,000). My mind was pushing the greed buttons and I was clinging to my coin blocks. Do not succumb to temptation.

But the moment the car burst onto the porch of Deltin Suites, I smelled temptation in the air. In a 17th century Portuguese house, everything is borrowed from House of Cards. The men in rose red shirts had diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs embroidered on their shirt buttons. Artwork featuring slot machines and card prints were nailed to the walls. On the big screen, the oomphy songstress was decked out in feathers, ready to rock.

A few hours later, I was at Deltin’s Reis Magos Pier to catch a feeder at Deltin Royale, a waterfront casino parked half a mile from the pier. Dress code for men: No shorts. No tank tops. No flip flops. Dress code for women: none. She! Women can enter anything. Whatever. This is where the inequality ends. Everyone has to pay to enter a casino that is open all day, all night. Prices vary on weekdays and weekends. And yes, you must be 21 to enter the gaming rooms.

Deltin Royale Casino

Eight minutes That’s all the boat needed to pass through the tranquil Mando and dock with the 20-year-old ship. The man held the door as I jumped onto the swaying pontoon. The head of security received the transmission of my arrival and there were two large bouncers at the entrance to the play area. Slot machines whistled softly as men and women crouched in semicircles around the gaming tables. The color of their bracelets indicated their package status (White: VVIP, Gold: VIP, Green: Premium, Purple: Basic). Gold-shirted dealers tossed chips, upstairs supervisors looked intimidating, cashiers sat enthusiastically in cages while pit bosses walked like stern jackhammers.

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On a normal day, the number is almost 1000. There are poker rooms and rooms for teenagers. Higher gaming floors are only accessible to premium pack holders or VIP and VVIP members. The premium club is so exclusive that if someone chooses, they can play in 4 private games, 3 of which have suites. For the tired and weary, there are vishram (rest) rooms with sun loungers and television.

Owned by Delta Corp, which holds three of the five offshore gaming licenses in Goa, Deltin Royale certainly knows how to entertain its guests. The nights are full of live performances: bands like Crimson Tide, vocalists and Bollywood groups. Children should not feel ignored. Magicians pull rabbits out of their ears and yes